Tom and Lauren Scott

Tom and Lauren Scott have a very simple goal in life, to grow the finest grapes possible, make a truly fine Cabernet Sauvignon and share it with a select group of friends. Towards that end they work their vineyard themselves. In order to better understand the relationship between the land, the vine and the environment they obtained their degrees in Viticulture from Napa Valley College. But nothing has taught them more than being in the vineyard daily, working the vines and watching the effects of the ever-changing environmental conditions.

Tom is the third generation of his family to live in the Napa Valley growing up in Oakville and Lauren is a transplant from Southern California where she was born and raised. Their marriage has brought together their individual skills and talents creating a dynamic partnership with a shared vision. Together Tom and Lauren are the heart of Tom Scott Vineyard.

Every day as they work around their beautiful home and vineyard they appreciate the dreams that led to its inception and the hard work that’s led to its reality. And each evening they drink a toast to "Getting it done…and love."