Our farming practices reflect our commitment to maintaining a balance in the vineyard and living lightly on the land.

We prune all of our vines ourselves; using the head trained, cane pruned method. While pruning the vines, we are able to study the previous year's growth and make decisions concerning the future crop load and cane growth. We are always working towards the ideal, where the crop produced is balanced with the canes and leaves produced. With the crop and vegetative growth in balance, the fruit matures to perfection.

By farming the vineyard ourselves, we are in control of all aspects of vine development, from pruning to picking. Working with our winemaker, Bill Ballentine, we allow the fruit to hang until we determine the exact moment of berry maturation for our wine style.

By practicing “no-till” farming, we avoid compaction and erosion and by maintaining a permanent cover crop we help the soil remain alive and productive. Healthy active soil provides nutrients for the plant and maintains soil structure. Additionally, the cover crop provides a home for many beneficials that help protect the vines from disease and pests. By caring for our soil, we help it provide a balanced diet to the vines. A healthy soil produces a healthy vine.

We are committed to producing the finest fruit and healthiest vines possible. Our vineyard surrounds our home and it is a daily part of our lives.

We invite you to take a walk with us through a year in the vineyard.