Tom and Lauren Scott

Left: We mow with a very lightweight tractor to avoid compaction. We start mowing as soon as the ground is dry enough, in January and continue mowing until the ground is too wet, usually in late November or December. Keeping the cover crop cut close eliminates hiding places for small rodents that may damage the vine.

Tom and his daughter, Brandyn, water the new plants in the vineyard. Where the plants are together in their own block, we set up an automated irrigation system. But each year, we replace a few plants in the established vineyard, and these plants need to be hand watered. The micro bin holds water which is taken though the vineyard, so the plants can be watered by bucket.

Rootstock is grafted with buds from our own vines.

Tom sets up a system of buckets, each with a small hole in the bottom which is then set to drip water on the new plant. The size of the hole determines the rate that the water drops penetrate the soil around the plant.

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